The 3400-year-old lava field Grábrókarhraun, with the 13 million-year-old bedrock underneath, which is the oldest you will find in Iceland.

Whether you’re just driving through or staying at Hotel Bifrost, you must stop and walk around. There are waterfalls, lake Hreðavatn and the Grábrók crater, all within walking distance of each other.

The lava field originates from three craters, Grábrók, Grábrókarfelli (sometimes called Rauðabrók), and Litlu-Grábrók, which unfortunately has almost disappeared due to construction in the area through the years.


When the lava ran through the valley, it pushed the river Norðurá to the east side of the valley forming the waterfall Glanni and blocking a part of the valley creating the lake Hreðavatn along with nature pearl we have today.

The area is beautiful with a lot of nice walk paths through the lava fields, from Grábrók to Hreðavatn or Glanni or even the beautiful oasis Paradísarlaut, where you can jump from a small cliff into the deep pond.

Perhaps you want to enjoy the fantastic view over Norðurárdal, then that’s okay too.

If you happen to have packed your golf clubs, then Glanni golf club is the place for you. You see in one afternoon you have gotten everything the only thing you can do to top this off is a dinner at Hotel Bifrost.

Glanni waterfall
Lake Hreðavatn
Grábrókarfell (Rauðabrók)