Icelandic language

How to say Hjarðaból.... more or less.

You think Icelandic is hard? Well here is a small tutorial on how to pronounce our name.

So our name is Hjarðarból Times, and the guesthouse’s name is Hjarðarból Guesthouse. Now you can pronounce Times and Guesthouse, but the word Hjarðarból is another thing entirely.

Let’s break it down, Hjarðar-ból, the first part, Hjarðar or hjörð means herd, like a herd of animals, the word ból would translate into, lair or perhaps nest. So then Hjarðarból becomes a herds-nest. Now that you know what Hjarðarból means I will try to explain how you pronounce it.

I played around with google translate to try and find the best combination of letters that would sound remotely like Hjarðarból, and this is what I came up with, “Hjuerthar-bowl.”

Ból and bowl sound about right, but I’m not sure about the rest. “Hjar” could be “Hjuer” (remember to roll the R) then there is the Icelandic letter “ð” which is like a soft “th” which brings us to “Hjuerth,” and then we ad “ar” to the end and we have Hjuerthar-bowl.


Am I even close?