Hjarðarból Guesthouse

Hjarðarból Guesthouse is located in the south of Iceland and is an excellent choice as the first night since it is only one hour from the airport.

Hjarðarból Guesthouse is owned and operated by Helga and her family. If you like the countryside, but you don’t want to be too far from Reykjavík, then Hjarðarból Guesthouse is the place for you. The guesthouse and its surroundings are family friendly.

The family in Hjarðarból strives to do their absolute best when it comes to accommodation. Hjarðarból should like a home away from home, which shouldn’t be hard with their cozy lounge and two amazing hot tubs, built by Helga’s husband, Brandur.

The family has been in Hjarðarból since 2012, and they have genuinely poured their love and soul into the place. On the walls in the dining room, you will find a fantastic selection of homemade woolen embroidered bell pulls from all over Scandinavia, and family members even made some of them.

To sit there early morning and enjoy a cup of coffee and a toast with some of Helga’s homemade jams can be so incredibly relaxing. Then of to a quick dip into the 41°C hot tub and then back on the road. What a way to start the day.

The history

The farm Hjarðarból was a part of a government project to give people that wanted to be farmers a chance to do so.

The Old House, as we call it, was built around 1950 by Kristján and his wife Halldóra, they built up a beautiful farm with cattle, horses, and sheep.

The main building, built around the same time, was a barn with two sour hey towers and room for some cattle. The towers are still standing, the barn is now the main hall, and our lounge is where the cattle were.

Connected to The Barn is The Cowhouse, that’s where the milking cows were kept, taken care of and milked twice a day. At the other end of the Cowhouse were the sheep.

The horses were most likely outside or had a small space with the sheep.

And the last “original” house was the shed, room 13-14 today, The Shed housed all tools needed on a farm, later on, to fix the tractor and cars if needed.

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